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Ready to bring your Rich Idea to Screen

You are here for a reason.

Hi, my name is HaJ.

pronounced “aj” like “cashmere”

Clients hire me when they are tired of working harder and ready to work smarter.

I lead an in-house creative development and production team that specializes in working with authors and storytellers to adapt their work to screen and bring to market.

Instead of spending another 5-10 years to figure out how to move your project forward, I help you to effectively translate your RICH IDEA for film, television, and digital screens to bring to market.

With over 20+ years of experience working in the entertainment industry, I have created, developed, produced, licensed, optioned, and sold content to networks and studios including ABC, CBS, VH1, Disney, BET, Peacock, and Fox.

We bridge the gaps for storytellers.

What people are saying about our service.

Allison Caviness

“HaJ is a brilliant and witty communicator. She is speedy and flexible and always feels a step ahead of the zeitgeist. HaJ consistently delivers edgy, thought provoking, honest strategy that is certainly needed in any business right now.”

Allison Caviness

Director / Former Creative Director of BET Networks
FOX Animation
“HaJ is always up for the challenge of breaking things down and looking at a story from new angles, constantly bringing a fresh perspective throughout the entire writing process. She is an incredibly creative and collaborative writer.”

Dave Jargowsky

VP of Animation Development
Ed Helms
“We’ve been working with HaJ for several years and are consistently impressed with her writing ability. Not only is HaJ hysterically funny, but she deftly infuses her humor into pieces on bigger, weightier topics. On top of that, HaJ is incredibly collaborative and a joy to work with.”

Ed Helms / Mike Falbo

Partners at Pacific Electric
Todd Street

“HaJ is a rare breed of business professional. Grounded with a strong business acumen, only accentuated by her extraordinary creative skills. She approaches processes holistically while bridging any potential communication gaps between departments, which in turn elevates every project she’s involved in. HaJ brings genuine joy to every environment.”

Todd Street

CEO & President of Todd Street Productions
Emily Cummins
“HaJ has an unparalleled ability to engage an audience through her entertaining and thought-provoking work as a writer and creative thinker. I enthusiastically recommend any organization to work with her.”

Emily Cummins

President of My So Called Company
Former VP of Drama Scripted Series, ABC Network
Jaunice Sills

“HaJ is an asset to any organization looking to empower and inspire their citizens to reconnect to their potential and take action. HaJ works from a place of passion and energy that is one-of-a-kind.”

Jaunice Sills

Senior Director, Content Strategy E Network
President of Black Women Film Network
Daresha Kyi
“HaJ is an artistic tour de force who understands the creative, production and performance process, which allows her to bring a unique perspective that’s so needed in any collaborative process. HaJ always provides thoughtful, compassionate advice and strategy. The bright light of her keen insights will safely guide you through the creative wilderness on your journey to success. You will also be influenced by her one of a kind infectious humor.”

Daresha Kyi

Emmy Winning Director – TRANSAMERICA
Melissa Houghton
“HaJ delivered an empowering, interactive, informative experience to our artist community, Woman in Film & Video (DC) as part of our ScriptDC Filmmakers Conference. She presented a clear outline of how people can get their ideas on paper and how best to find their creative tribe. HaJ is the type of role model and advocate that we are honored to work with.”

Melissa Houghton

Executive Director at Women in Film & Video

Ready to bring your idea to screen?

If you’re someone with a great idea, enjoy collaboration, and are ready to invest in my expertise and resources to help move your RICH idea to the next level I invite you to fill out the form below.